Sunil Gavaskar got exchanged at birth with a fisherwoman’s son

The man with great cricket history and who was the first Indian batsman to score more than 10,000 international runs. Famous by his pen name “Sunny” and a lucky commentator for Indian cricket team (I believe so), whenever he enters the commentary box replacing the other man sitting there, Indian cricketers start playing well, either boundaries started flowing or partnerships started flourishing. Cricket fans across the world know this very well. If parallel universes exist as mentioned by Albert Einstein in his theory, then I presume in at-least one of them Sunil Gavaskar is a fisherman. The story is based on true facts, Sunil Gavaskar was born with a birthmark near his ear which played a vital in preventing a huge loss from Indian cricket history.


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The world has to be thankful to his uncle. The Sunny was born his uncle came to see him and he spotted the birthmark on his ear, and after some time when he returned back he found that the mark was missing and this is not the same child. After frantic searching, they managed to locate the real Sunny who was in a fisherwoman’s crib. What if he had not realized the swap? Might be the real Sunil Gavaskar would be fishing somewhere in the sea and the replaced kid would have gone on to breach the 10,000 barrier?  Or would the replaced Sunny have chosen to be an engineer or a doctor or some other profession? The world would have never seen the original “little master” then I guess. Maybe fate decided to do the right thing in this universe and prevent a calamity. Sunil Gavaskar himself says in his biography

“Providence had helped me to retain my true identity, and, in the process, charted the course of my life. I have often wondered what would have happened it nature had not ‘marked’ me out, and given my ‘guard’ by giving me that small hole on my left earlobe; and if Nan-Kaka had not noticed this abnormality. Perhaps, I would have grown-up to be an obscure fisherman, toiling somewhere along the west coast. And what about the baby who, for a spell, took my place? I do not know if he is interested in cricket, or whether he will ever read this book. I can only hope that, if he does, he will start taking a little more interest in Sunil Gavaskar.”

May be everything happens for a reason.

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