Find for yourself a box of tissues and listen up. Here are 10 adorable stories that will melt your heart. We all have moments of sadness and joy and it is the ladder that keeps the world going. Enjoy these 10 heart melting stories proving that this world is a happy place no matter what.

adorable stories

1. A fire broke out our house the other night, luckily the entire family managed to escape, including Spot our family dog. Then I realize someone was missing our turtle was still inside! then I looked at Spot, he was holding the turtle in his mouth. And this is the story of how one loyal friend saved the other.

2. It was one of those days when I’d finished work early and was rushing home. My wife will be happy that we have some extra time together, I thought. She must be cooking dinner, I thought. Now imagine my surprise CTO say the least!) when I got home and heard a loud male voice singing or rather yelling, “How you remind me” in the shower. Needless to say, I went mad and broke the door latch to catch that hunk red-handed.
Well, it turned out that it was my sweetheart rocking out and singing as if no one could hear. I love my very own Chad Kroeger!!

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adorable stories

3. I went grocery shopping today, and there was quite a line at the checkout, a 9-year-old in front of me was begging her mom to buy her some chocolate. Kids today just don’t know the word “No,” I thought. Her mom finally gave up and got her a yummy candy bar.
To my surprise, the girl didn’t tear it open but went to the end of the line and gave it to a little crying boy. Her mom was surprised and wondering why on Earth she did that.
The girl explained that she overheard the boy’s mom saying they couldn’t afford very much at all as she was unemployed and desperately looking for a job. I think some people are born with a big, kind heart.

adorable stories

4. When I was little, we had this neighbor in his 5OS. He seemed pretty weird as he was always wearing suits and shades and had no wife or kids. We called him, Hellboy, and we used to ring his doorbell and run away.
Then I learned that he was a former intelligence service officer. He spent his entire life dedicated to his job, which didn’t give him the chance to get married or have kids.
I felt so sorry for him that I decided to give him the most precious thing I had at that moment: my cat. I gave her to him saying, “Please take it so you don’t feel; lonely.”

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adorable stories

5. I went shopping with my daughter back when she was 3 years old. She was all dressed up like a little Barbie doll. Suddenly, I heard a boy crying somewhere behind us in the line. That’s the kind of girl I want! she’s so pretty! I don’t want to live without her!” I had a good laugh with his mom. Meanwhile, the kids played together. Apparently, they had a good time too-since now, 20 year s later, they’re getting married.

6. Yesterday my wife came home from work as mad and tired as can be. She was extremely unhappy with everything. The sink full of dishes and my sock that had somehow landed on the windowsill.
You’d think there was no way to avoid a big fight but years of living together have taught me some good lessons and tricks. I wrapped my darling in a warm blanket, filled her cup with tea, and did the dishes. The main trick was that I did it all quickly and in silence. Take note, oungsters: real quick and in complete silence. 10 minutes later, my special lady cooled down in fact, she even apologized for her bad temper. So that’s the secret to happily ever after. Not so hard, right?

adorable stories

7. Some days are crazier than others, and yesterday was a case in point. My wife had a bunch of things to do, and so did I. We had no choice but to ask my brother to babysit our daughter, who is just 5 months old. We left everything he could possibly need for his important mission. An hour later we got back to see the cutest thing ever: my 250-lb brother wearing a tiger-print blanket as a toga and feeding my daughter.
He was using a bottle, but it looked very much like breastfeeding. He said he wanted to feel like a little Madonna. Now we have a good reason to mock him for the next 20 years!


8. When I was 5 years old, my godmother took me out to see a play for kids. Before the performance, we bought some flowers to give one of the actors. Once the play ended, all the characters came out onto the stage, and the children began o give them flowers. Everyone received a bouquet. Everyone except for the cow. The man who played the cow stood aside and looked sad. I’ll never forget those big cow eyes! So I went up to him and handed him my bouquet.
He was so happy he picked me up and waved the flowers for all the audience to see. He was telling them that someone gave him flowers too. Someone liked his acting! this was the first time in my life that I’d felt really happy that I did something good and important.

adorable stories

9. My husband and I went shopping the other way. We like to give each other space for it to be faster and more productive. I had got everything off my list when I saw my husband with a shopping cart full of stuff that he clearly didn’t need. There was an old man, poorly dressed and looking embarrassed, walking beside him. My husband paid for everything, got his new friend taxi, and came back to me as if nothing had happened. Obviously, he didn’t know that I’d seen them together. When I asked what took him so long, He explained that he couldn’t find the tools he needed.
I love my bighearted liar to pieces.

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adorable stories

10. Mom passed away 2.5 years ago. Today, my sister sent me a picture with a “Do you remember this?” caption. It was a pair of mittens that were supposed to go with the winter jacket that my mom was knitting for me. She’d only finished one finger. My sister found the right wool and finished what mom had started. She wrote, “This is a gift to you from mom” my colleagues will never know why I cried so loudly at work that day.


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