In today’s fast-changing world, educational institutes need to integrate technology in education to make students future ready.

The Indian economy is growing at a fast pace creating considerable opportunities in the field of IT, manufacturing, law, management, etc. But we also have to realize that a rapid economic growth through these sectors can happen only with the help of amply skilled managers, who will give the country a desired impetus for the development of each sector.

With the advent of instant communication and the relatively fast-changing world, there is truly a global need for people to adapt and change at a rapid speed. The companies too are ready to embrace these changes in the business environment to ensure their growth or, in some cases, survive. In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to optimize the use of available technologies. “Integrated technology management enables a country to better evaluate, plan, carry out, link, and control technological processes and elements so that they are mutually supportive and synergistic.

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technology in education



Technology in education teaches us how to solve specific problems in a highly differentiated and volatile environment. Today, technology is being used to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase flexibility. The impact of technology changes affects the local, regional, and worldwide industry.

Economic theory, historical evidence, and growth models confirm that advancing technological knowledge is the most important single factor that contributes to long-term productivity and economic growth. This makes it all the more important for the growing breed of managers to be adept at technological changes,” share Dr. Madhu Jha, a business management professor.

If the Indian management education has to stay world -class, not only will it have to challenge it but also reinvent itself from time to time to meet the modern need of the dynamic global business environment and focus on involvement of technology in education.

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Rapid growth in various technologies is generating a lot of intricate legal disputes involving cybercrime, product liability, environmental torts, intellectual property rights, regulatory proceedings and criminal cases. Furthermore, the scientific and technical evidence is more frequently presented in litigation and has become more complex.

technology in education

Recent trends in judicial procedure indicate that the number of cases involving scientific and technical information has increased significantly. Therefore, it has become necessary to prepare such skilled lawyers who can address these technology-generated legal disputes efficiently. The next generation of legal professionals is likely to be techno-lawyers.

Times have changed and wonders of the past may prove useless in the future. Thus creating new and better courses and customizing them as per the interest of the industry as well as the students is the need of the current education system.

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    Hey! I think you are absolutely right and whatever you said is true and time have actually changed, and with time the curriculum also need to change. It was a really good post.

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