The number of Indian students enrolling at the Russell group universities in the UK is on a rise, writes CEO Time Bradshaw
Nearly 17,000 Indian students are studying at universities across the UK and 35% of these students are enrolled at one of the 24 research-intensive Russell Group universities.They are a great asset to university campuses and to different regions of the UK through the ideas they bring and the long-term partnerships they help forge between universities and businesses in the UK, India and beyond.
Russell Group universities value Indian and other international students for the contribution they make to the teaching, learning, and research environment on campus and want even more students to choose UK universities for their undergraduate degrees, Master’s and PhDs.Technology getting more into Education: read here

Indian Students

The demand for studying at a Russell Group university is high, and places are competitive, but Indian students are successfully being awarded places and their number is increasing this year, the number of Indian students enrolling at Russell Group universities increased by nearly 20%.The teaching and learning experience these students will receive is among the best in the world. They will be taught by the leading international academics and will also benefit from learning alongside talented students from more than 160 countries, building important global professional networks that will last a lifetime.British Prime Minister Theresa May has been clear that the UK’s immigration system should support its international collaborations and she has emphasised there is no cap on the number of students who can come to UK universities, with “thousands coming every year, learning from some of the finest academics and contributing to the success of some of the best universities in the world.”Education through Gaming is the pedagogy of Future: read here

Indian students

However, unfortunately, we know that the process of applying for a student visa can put Indian students off choosing to study in the UK. And following the closure of the post-student work visa route, many are unsure whether they will be able to stay in the UK after their studies to work.The Russell Group is, therefore, calling on the UK Government to make policy changes to improve the experience of international students coming to the United Kingdom (UK).How data-science can give you 200% salary hike?: read hereFor example, we want a streamlined, simplified visa system which makes it easy and straightforward for all international students to apply for a visa. Such changes will benefit students and ensure the UK continues to build on its position as a world-leading destination for education.Carrier tips and more

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