How will NASA’s Parker Solar Probe going to make it to the Sun?

The Sun is our solar system’s engine and the only star in the sky that gets our attention every day. But at close it’s something completely different that we see from Earth, it’s ferocious, a rising mass of nuclear chaos, tingle magnetics lines, and inconstant wind with inconvincibly high temperatures and speeds close to million miles an hour. Over the years NASA has sent probes to all over the solar system but never to the sun. This is Parker Solar Probe and this is humanity’s first mission assigned to touch the Sun. It will fly to within 4 million miles of the Sun surface confronting brutal radiation and temperature that can reach one million degrees Fahrenheit. Parker Solar Probe has been prepared to fly right through their unforgiving atmosphere, a rough journey. Typically if you want to head out into the solar system you have to merge with the orbital traffic, but if want to head out into the center of it you have to run the other way which takes a lot of energy. Once the spacecraft arrives its destination, bathed in radiations, will use the advanced carbon-carbon composite heat shield to protect its delicate instruments.

Parker solar probe

Let’s dig deeper inside the Sun

The spacecraft thermal regulation system will use just a single gallon of ordinary water each to owe to collect and dissipate heat just like a car radiator. It will fly into the Corona, the superhub region of the gas and plasma surrounding the Sun. There is hardly a way to corona as high energy particles fly outwards as extremers. The surface of Corona is really harder than the star itself, we have some good theories about it but we are really not sure why?

What were the Past traces of Astronomy?

There are some processes in the atmosphere that keeps heating it up that further gets into the core and Parker Solar Probe is really gonna try to figure it out. The Corona also propels solar winds out in the space having incredible speeds way beyond the orbit of Pluto. No one is sure what accelerates it so far so fast. Parker Solar Probe is going to fly right through the origin of this wind to figure it out how the whole system works. We can’t see those processes from Earth or even from space. Parker Solar Probe is our first craft to encounter the star. Our Sun is the only star we can visit which means which means this mission will gather important information about how stars work everywhere. Some destinations are harder to get into Parker Solar Probe is going to make one of them for you to see on the Sun.

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